Military ties between Britain and France will not be shaken by Brexit

IT WAS in his typical, headline-grabbing mode that Boris Johnson pitched the notion of building a bridge across the Channel. At least it served as a diversion from the gritty realities of yesterday’s Anglo-French summit, held at the Sandhurst officer training academy. “Let’s do it,” responded France’s president, Emmanuel Macron. The French are fond of grands projets, but Mr Macron was probably thinking it might be nice if his side of the bridge could start in a muddy field far from Calais: the one that, thanks to the Channel Tunnel, has already become a magnet for undocumented migrants trying to reach Britain.

The most substantive agreement emerging from the summit was an undertaking by Britain to provide £45m ($63m) of funding to shore up security in Calais, which acts as a border post between the two countries, and to accept a few more of the migrants, particularly unaccompanied minors.

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Source: Europe Economic News